Multiplex Core

Forsyth Multiplex Core and MilliporeSigma


Multiplex assays allow for simultaneous detection of multiple biomarkers in small volume samples. The Forsyth Institute Multiplex Core has expertise in a wide range of sample types. We only need from 2.5 to 50 µl* per sample to detect numerous markers. Assays are available on 2 platforms: Luminex200 and BioPlex3D. We have the capability to customize kits based on your project needs. (* sample volume is assay-dependent)

We offer “Full Service” or “Read Only” analysis options for researchers and companies interested in working with our Core. Please inquire by email at for more information.


All projects are quoted on an individual basis. Please contact us at to request a quote.


The Forsyth Multiplex Core offers two main platforms:

• Luminex 200™


Both platforms operate 96-well plate-based assays. FLEXMAP 3D™ offers 384-well plate capacity.

• Multiplex protein detection uses antibody-based assays of up to 100 analytes or 500 analytes in a single microplate well using the Luminex® 200™ or FLEXMAP 3D™, respectively.

• Ability to custom-coat beads with various mammalian and non-mammalian molecules such as nucleic acids, receptor-ligands, and siRNA. These require custom-plexing, assay development/optimization, and additional pricing.

• Both Luminex systems use BioPlex Manager from Bio-Rad for acquisition and computation of data.

• Allows easy transfer of the data to Microsoft Excel or other user-friendly programs.

• In addition to the raw and computed data on concentrations and fluorescence intensity, standard curves, %CV, internal control samples, plate-to-plate variation, and standard deviation are only a few of the data output measures.